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The Full Story

The Cliff

Originally opened in 1995, The Cliff quickly became world renowned as Barbados’ Premier dining destination. Its food, service and ambience were unparalleled. 

Now under new ownership the aspirations have increased from the best in Barbados to the best in the world! The previous structure has been modernised and The Cliff has been replaced with an elegant, sophisticated design. 

Our glass sea facing kitchen allows guests to catch a glimpse of our Culinary Team as they create dishes that excite the eyes and wow the taste buds. 

Our fine wine cellar holds over 1500 varieties of carefully selected wines from around the world chosen by our expert team of Sommeliers by our director of wine, Alessandro Cassano

Meet the team font

Ciro Perna


Since graduating from one of the best hotel management schools in Italy, Ciro has worked in London, Tuscany and Naples, at prestigious establishments such as Hotel Romeo, and Hotel Adler Thermae Resort, both 5 star rated.

Incredibly guest focused and passionate, he has been with the company since 2021 when the sister restaurant QP Bistro was opening. He then moved to The Cliff, where he quickly rose through the ranks to become Director of The Cliff.

Peter Harris (Huggie)

Guest Relations Director

Peter Harris, affectionately known as Huggie has been an integral part of the Hospitality sector in Barbados for many years. Peter has been involved with many of the iconic establishments over the years such as The Ship Inn and Bamboo Beach Bar before beginning his Cliff journey in 1997 to present day Cliff reborn.

The Cliff Barbados, guest relations manager Peter Harris also known as Huggie
Wine Director at The Cliff Barbados, Alessandro Cassano

Alessandro Cassano

Wine Director

Alessandro Cassano has a wealth of experience curating exclusive wine lists for various establishments such as Novikov in Mayfair, London, Blue Jasmine and Vinoteca.

Every wine and spirit has a story, Alessandro is looking forward to sharing their narratives to all Cliff diners and guests.

Narissa Beckles

Bar Manager

Narissa Beckles is a creative Mixologist and

Bar Management professional, with a wealth of diverse experience spanning casual to fine dining and luxury hospitality.


Barbados born but internationally influenced, Narissa’s thirst to experience new cultures has elevated her palate and expanded her knowledge of flavor profiles. A knowledge she willingly shares with the talented bar team she leads at The Cliff.


Under her leadership, the bar team complements the world-class fare on offer at The Cliff, with delightfully innovative cocktails and reimagined concoctions you are sure to enjoy.

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